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    I have a Beacon 39GBB, and twice I have traveled only to find one of the fan blades broken when I arrive at my destination. So I have two questions,
    1. Has anyone else had broken fan blades and if so what could be causing this to happen?
    2. What would be a good replacement for this ceiling fan?
    I would appreciate any input.

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    Well the ceiling fan is a 120v normal one, so I'd reckon it would be easy-ish to DIY a new one from a store that sells them. Otherwise, I'm sure you could call the factory for a new one - I can't imagine they cost more than a hundred bucks shipped - but you just never know...

    Oh, and I've never had a broken blade, but I did have a screw come out. Was one of my factory repair items.



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      I also had this happen to one fan blade in my Beacon 34RLB on one of our first few trips, but don't know why other than extremely bouncy ride on rear of trailer. My ceiling fan brand is AirrForce and I replaced all four blade brackets. Since then none have broken after about 6000 miles. If you are interested in doing the same, I ordered the exact matching bracket set from, part # 277-000399.


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        Please be advised that the same thing happen to my ceiling fan in my 34RLB. Reason: The slide room pinched the blade when the passenger side slide room is retracted. My wife use a piece of foam to brace the fan they want be in a position to make contact with the slide room when retracted.