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  • Bamboo Gel Mattress from Capital Bedding

    Just bought a 2020 320GK and going to pick it up next Tuesday. I would like to know what people who have this mattress think about it. We're trying to decide if we want to move the mattress out of our current 5th wheel or stay with the one that comes with the 320GK.

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    First, Congratulations on your new Vilano. We are still getting use to our 320GK, down sized from a 40 foot Montana 5th wheel, As for the mattress that is a one of our challenges. To begin with the king size mattress is not a true king, it is only 70" wide so if you replace it with another king watch out for the width as it is a tight fit for the one the comes with the rig. The Bamboo mattress is kind of hard so we put the 3" topper we had on our old mattress on it. This topper is about 2-3" to wide on the sides but we got it to fit (I may cut it down to size when we get home). With the topper it is comfortable but a challenge to make the bed. We are looking into going to a queen size bed to give us a little more room. Hope this helps you out. Enjoy your travels.


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      JRetz, thanks for the information.