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Ford F350 Integrated Brake Controller and Beacon disc brakes pause issue

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  • Ford F350 Integrated Brake Controller and Beacon disc brakes pause issue

    Wondering if anyone has experienced or heard of a similar issue.
    Bought a 2019 F350 and 2019 Beacon with the optional disc brakes. Though I set the Ford trailer brake options to Brake Effort-High, and the setting to 10, when I brake, or manually activate the brake controller, there is about a two second pause before the trailer brakes activate, and then not aggressively. I've had the ITBC firmware upgraded by Ford, but no change in braking.
    It appears VanLeigh used Kodiak 250 brakes.

    All ideas are welcome.


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    Following is an update on my post.

    I found that the trailer disc brakes are controlled by a Hydrastar brake actuator. I contacted Hydrastar and confirmed that the Ford ITBC is compatible with their brake actuator. I took my Beacon to a Hydrastar service center and they found condensation and air in the brake lines. After bleeding the lines, I reduced the gain from 10 to 6 so the brakes don't lock up. However, when activating the brakes manually with the ITBC, there is still a 2-3 second delay before the trailer brakes are activated. Neither the service or Hydrastar can explain that.

    My braking issue has been corrected by bleeding the brake lines. Unfortunately, this issue existed from the day I pulled my new made-to-order Beacon off the dealer's lot.


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      I have aftermarket hydraulic trailer brakes that were installed at the factory service center about 2 years ago. There's no delay on mine. Hit the brakes and you can hear it actuating in RV. Doesn't sound typical. Have you tried another vehicle to eliminate the possibility of the truck being the factor? That seems like the easiest thing (if you have a way to get another truck).