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Samsung 254 litre digital inverter fridge/freezer

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  • Samsung 254 litre digital inverter fridge/freezer

    Is anyone who has one of these able to advise what their average power consumption is? I have been looking at the specs and it is impossible to figure out real life average power consumption. While I am interested in this fridge freezer, it is possibly a bit larger than I would like, which is ideally the 180 litre size range under $1500 like this . Does anyone know if there are any 12 volt fridges out there, or in the offing, running on similar technology (where the compressor has a variable speed and does not just turn on or off on one speed)?
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    Gone with the Wynns did a little story on these fridges. The model won't match, but it's a good start for a read!

    Unless you have the model number, I can't look up power consumption. The one I have is the RF18HFENBSR and it says the power consumption is617 kWh/yr