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Water manifold blows off lines

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  • Water manifold blows off lines

    Putting in new water manifolds tomorrow. The factory installed manifold has PEX fittings, of the 14 lines connected to them, 3 are PEX, 11 are braided hose (2 different styles and sizes). Needless to say, the braided hose connections failed 3 different times/lines. Had to make my own manifold with pex fittings and barbed fittings. The factory also used crimp rings designed for PEX on the braided hose. So if you have issues, grab some barbed fittings for the repair. Normal hose clamps seem to work ok on the braided lines.
    Lines under bathroom sink also leaked, same fitting issue.

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    How did this go? Sounds like a mess!



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      It was a mess to say the least....3 times. I have managed to stop all the leaks. The new manifold works perfectly. Removing the outdoor shower took care of 4 more potential leaks. Also removed the drain lines, as they would not drain anything, due to the plumbing design. putting air pressure on the inlet and draining to each sink works more efficiently. I feel sorry for anyone that does not have the ability to repair this on their own, as a plumber would have charged thousands.