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    I am having an issue with water pressure in our new (to us) Vanleigh Vilano. I am accustomed to using an adjustable water pressure regulator with my water hose from the park water supply. I have it adjusted to about 55psi and indeed if I just hold it like a nozzle without connecting the coach, it emits a powerful flow. But when I connect to the fitting in the plumbing bay, the water pressure inside the coach is very weak. If I leave the adjustable water pressure regulator off and just connect the hose directly from the park faucet then I have excellent pressure inside the coach.

    We are stationary here in this park and I checked with them and they said they deliver about 60 lbs psi. But with my adjustable water pressure regulator set to 55 psi, the difference inside the coach is definitely NOT a 5 psi differential. Inside pressure at the kitchen faucet is probably double when I leave the regulator off.

    I have read in the past that some RV's have an internal water pressure regulator and if you use an external regulator in tandem with the internal it can make your water pressure very low. Does anyone know if Vanleigh builds an internal water pressure regulator into the Vilano?

    2018 Vanleigh Vilano 375FL
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    Silly question but have you tried changing (or removing completely) the water filter? I've had issues when it gets dirty, it blocks the water flow.